BAAP Colloquium 2002, 25-27 March: University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Oral Presentations

Elinor Keane, 'An acoustic investigation of Tamil stress'
Barry Heselwood, Fida al-Tamimi & Ghada Khattab, 'Acoustic and laryngographic study of Cairo Arabic hamza and glottaled qāf'
Nicole Whitworth, 'Speech rhythm in three German-English bilingual families'
Ellen Douglas Cowie, 'Speaking styles: state of the art and framework for the future'
Richard Ogden, 'Phonetic resources for turn-holding and turn-yielding in Finnish'
Gareth Walker, '"Rushing an ending" - a phonetic resource for holding the turn in everyday conversation'
Melissa Wright, 'Conversational phonetics: the case of "and" and "but'
Traci Curl, 'Phonetics in conversational interaction: "repetition" in other-initiated repair sequences'
Paul Carter & John Local, 'Tracking resonance differences in English liquids'
Leendert Plug, 'The phonetics of postvocalic /r/ in Dutch: a nonsegmental approach'
Sue Gaskell, 'Revisiting the face-gender effect'
Linda Shockey, 'Phonology and the brain'
Bill Barry, 'What we hear and what they do. Normal pronunciation is not "norm" pronunciation'
Ninik Poedjianto, 'The production of word-initial /p/-/b/ in Indonesian English'
Kirsty McDougall, 'The role of formant dynamics in determining speaker identity: an investigation of Brisbane English /aI/'
Ailbhe Ní Chasaide, 'Voice source correlates of affect'
Luke van Buuren, 'Rhythm in English and French'
Klaus Kohler, 'French phrase-level phonetics in the early days of the IPA'
Anne Fabricius, 'FLEECE, KIT and happY in modern RP: an empirical investigation'
Mark Jones, 'The phonetics of definite article reduction in northern English dialects: a case study'
Ros Temple & Sali Tagliamonte, 'A variationist analysis of t/d "deletion" in York English'
Richard Mulloly, 'An articulatory (EMA) study of alternating [r] in non rhotic English'
Janet Beck, 'Predicting the ability of Speech and Language Therapy students to develop skills in practical phonetics'
John Esling, 'Infant speech acquisition: phonetic sequences in the first year of life'
Ben Matthews, 'On variability and the acquisition of vowels in normally developing Scottish children (18-36 months)'
Gerry Docherty, Paul Foulkes, Dom Watt & Jenny Tillotson, 'Phonetic variation in speech directed to Tyneside children'
Anne Wichmann, 'Exploring the prosody of polite requests'
Eva Liina Asu, 'Low level intonational nuclei in Estonian'
Bob Ladd, Robin Lickley & Astrid Schepman, 'Lab speech is real speech: the case of F0 alignment in Dutch'
Margit Aufterbeck, 'Temporal alignment of nuclear intonation patterns: the case of H*+L in Fife Scottish English'
Rachael-Anne Knight, 'The effect of pitch span on the alignment of intonational peaks and plateaux'
Francis Nolan, Eva Liina Asu, Margit Aufterbeck, Rachael-Anne Knight & Brechtje Post, 'Intonational pitch equivalence: an experimental evaluation of pitch scales'


Luisa Astruc, 'Sentence external elements in Catalan'
Bronwen Evans, 'Perceptual evaluation of dialect levelling'
Rachel Smith, 'Does memory for individual speakers help word segmentation'
Eda Ustunel, 'English pronunciation of Turkish learners of English: differential effects of word stress'
Fay Windsor & Daphne Waters, 'An acoustic investigation of coarticulation in the speech of typically developing children, phonologically disordered children, and adults'
Will Allen, 'Phonological variation and change in the speech of Tyneside adolescents: an analysis of (t)'
Sarah Hawkins and Noël Nguyen, 'Perception of coda voicing from properties of the onset and nucleus of "led" and "let"'
Jim Scobbie & Alice Turk, 'An articulatory (EMA) study of English voicing-based differential vowel duration'
Thaïs Cristofaro-Silva, 'On specifying phonetic detail in lexical representations: the case of /t/ in Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese'
Peter Ladefoged & Gerald Loeb, 'Preliminary studies on respiratory activity in speech'