BAAP Colloquium 2000, 3-6 April: University of Glasgow

Oral Presentations

Patricia Ashby, 'Phonetic judgments of Cardinal Vowels in ear-training'
Paul Carter, 'Modelling duration in ProSynth synthesis'
Jana Dankovicova & Jill House, 'Modelling intonation for synthesis: domains of accent alignment'
Michael Ashby, 'Stress and accent in a transcription system for EFL'
Keiko Masuda, 'A study of sound symbolism: comparison of bird calls and their linguistic representations'
Margit Aufterbeck, 'Intonational peak alignment and the Scottish Vowel Length Rule'
Esther Grabe, Brechtje Post & Orla Lowry, 'Intonation in the British Isles: evidence from Belfast, Cambridge and British West Indian English'
Ineke Mennen, 'Bi-directional interference in intonation: L1 affecting L2, and vice versa'
Paul Tench, 'Innovations in the intonational system of English'
Brechtje Post, 'French tones'
Eva Liina Asu, 'Estonian intonation: a preliminary analysis'
John Esling, 'Voice quality: register and phonation in Tibeto-Burman'
Eva Estebas-Vilaplana, 'Tonal alignment in Central Catalan declaratives'
Mark Tatham, 'Syllable de- and re-construction'
Ian Watson & John Hajek, 'Suprasegmentals and the perceptual basis of the development of nasalised vowels'
Linda Shockey, 'Strategies for perception of casual speech'
Jonathan Rodgers, 'Reduction rules in German spontaneous speech'
Elinor Reynolds, 'Word-initial gemination in Tamil'
Francis Nolan & Naoko Hoshino, 'Rhythm in Caribbean English'
Gerry Knowles, 'Who received RP? A look back on the twentieth century'
Caroline Newton & Bill Wells, 'Between-word processes in disordered speech'
Luke van Buuren, 'Teaching rules for English rhythm/timing'
Jim Scobbie, Jane Stuart-Smith, Nigel Hewlett & Alice Turk, 'The Scottish Vowel Length Rule'
Adrian Simpson, 'Why do men talk faster? Gender-related acoustic and articulatory differences in diphthong production'
Dominic Watt, 'Patterns of vowel-fronting in Northern British English'
Claire Timmins, Jane Stuart-Smith & Alan Wrench, 'Acoustic characteristics of voiceless fricatives (f θ s) in a socially-stratified sample of Glaswegian speech'
John Wells, 'LPD-2: what's new'
Sarah Howard & Barry Heselwood, 'The status of liquids in normal and disordered speech: an instrumental and perceptual investigation'
Paul Foulkes, Gerry Docherty & Dominic Watt, 'Acquisition of (t) variants in Newcastle English'
Ghada Khattab, 'VOT patterns in English and Arabic monolingual and bilingual children'
Mike MacMahon: 'Phonology before the phoneme: the concept of "elementary sound"'
Elizabeth McClelland, 'Familial similarity in voices'


Paul Tench, 'Intonation information'
Briony Williams, 'A Welsh speech database: preliminary results'