BAAP Colloquium 1998, 6-9 April: Queen's University of Belfast

J Maidment, 'Interactive phonetics teaching'
M Ball, 'The phonetic description of two extralinguistic sounds'
W Shibles, 'Proposal for a standard extended IPA and standard extended articulation chart'
J Windsor Lewis, 'The new EPD'
A Cruttenden, 'Mancunian intonation'
E Grabe, 'Dialectal variation in British English intonation'
P Roach & R Stibbard, 'Prosodic and paralinguistic aspects of emotional speech'
B Wells & S Payne, 'The prosody of turn-projection in a West-Midlands dialect'
R Cowie & E Douglas-Cowie, 'Measuring global attributes of intonation automatically'
A Wichmann, E Douglas-Cowie & R Cowie, 'Expressiveness in children's reading intonation'
S Peppé, 'Variability in prosodic expression of focus and delimitation'
C Gussenhoven, 'Limburg tone and intonation'
L van Buuren, 'One more analysis of English intonation (and rhythm)'
B Barry, 'Looking at rhythmic problems in German for Korean learners'
J Rodgers, 'Rhythmic influences on vowel devoicing in English'
F Nolan & J Dankovičová, 'The effects of speaking style on utterances for speaker verification'
D Watt, 'Deein' away wi' the taak o' the Toon: evidence of dialect levelling in the vowel system of Tyneside English'
N Hewlett, B Mathews, J Scobbie & A Turk, 'When do Scottish children get Scottish vowel length?'
J Stuart-Smith, 'Voice quality in Glaswegian'
G Atkins, 'The phonetics of reduced auxiliary verbs in two dialects of English'
G Docherty & P Foulkes, 'Patterns of occurrence of glottal variants in Tyneside English'
A Tunley, 'The perceptual salience of fine coarticulatory detail in synthetic speech'
S Barrett, 'Evaluation of speech perception development using speech pattern audiometry tests'
E Fixmer & S Hawkins, 'Influence of stimulus quality on the McGurk effect'
E Gerritts, 'The effect of acoustic/phonetic underspecification on the categorical perception of vowels'
E Payne, 'Variation in Italian geminates: parameters of production and conditioning'
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B Post, 'Clash resolution and pitch accent alignment in French'
B Connell, 'The perception of tones in Mambila'
J Esling, 'Pharyngeal articulations and larynx raising'
R Orr, 'A new parameter for the measurement of voice quality'
J Koreman, 'Relational phonetic features for consonant recognition'
P Carter, 'Resonance quality in English liquid systems'
R Ogden, '"the" in English'
P West, 'The domain of secondary articulation: /l/ and /r/ in English'
S Barry, 'The temporal structure of voicing in Russian'


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P Hartley, 'Aspects of timing in expressive speech'
M Ball & N Müller, 'Language planning meets acoustic phonetics'