BAAP Colloquium 1994, 21-24 March: University of Manchester

E Grabe & P Warren, 'Prosodic disambiguation of co-ordination structures'
E Douglas-Cowie, 'Intonation patterns in the phone voice'
L Coward, 'Problems in instrumental and auditory analysis of F0 in the speech of young children'
M Sanders, 'Intrasentential pitch-boundary markers'
A Arvaniti, 'On tonal alignment in Modern Greek'
M Cabrera-Abreu & J Maidment, 'Single tone representation of pitch phenomena'
B Cinkole, 'Interaction between pitch-accent and the declination effect in Slovene'
J Local, 'Interactional phonetics: the case of "Oh!"'
I Watson, 'Bilingual acquisition of the voicing contrast'
K Hayward, 'Acoustic vs. laryngographic measurements of phonation types'
S Barry, 'Variation in Russian voiced consonants'
J Coleman, 'Analysis of timing in postvocalic voicing without prior segmentation'
R Ogden, 'A problem in stating timing'
H Pandeli, 'Quantal theory and place of articulation'
J Dankovicova, 'The domain of articulation rate variability in Czech'
T Holst & F Nolan, 'An electropalatographic investigation of [s]-[ʃ] assimilation in British English'
A Ní Chasaide, 'Assimilation of palatalised and velarised stops of Irish at word boundaries'
M Tatham, 'What's in a gesture - and where do they come from? An issue in contemporary theory'
L van Buuren, 'Compound structure in English and Dutch'
J Wells, 'Estuary English!?'
G Pointon, 'The Anglicisation of foreign names'
L Shockey, 'Perception of phonologically-reduced English'
M MacMahon, 'Report on the BAAP archives'
G Knowles, 'The automatic identification of "given" information in the MARSEC database'
D Howard, 'Real-time displays for voice development'
P Roach, 'Progress in speech research using corpora and databases'
M Huckvale, 'Automatic parsing of phonetic structure on multiple tiers'
J Koreman, 'Hidden Markov modelling of voice source characteristics'
G Docherty, 'Acoustic profiling of glottal(ised) variants of English voiceless stops'
S Hawkins & A Slater, 'An acoustic investigation of "consonant prosodies"'
J Wells & Y Shitara, 'Age-grading in pronunciation preferences'
A Hirson, 'The speaker-specificity of [s]'
M Ball, 'VoQS - a system for the transcription of voice quality'

Special sessions

Workshop on Articulatory Control
Forum on Research Issues (I)
Forum on Research Issues (II)
K Burrell & A Lester, 'The ESRC and Research in Phonetics'