BAAP Colloquium 1992, 30 March - 2 April: University of Cambridge

D. Howard, 'Larynx closed quotient in the adult speaking and singing voice'
I Watson, 'Cross-linguistic differences in the perception of the voicing quotient'
K Hayward, 'High central vs. high back unrounded vowels: the nature of the distinction'
L van Buuren, 'Clear and dark consonants (and vowels?)'
B Connell, 'Describing taps'
S Hawkins & W Barry, 'Velar stops in English and German'
S Gibbon, H. Dent & W. Hardcastle, 'Types of deviant syllable production in a group of school-aged children, and their response to treatment using EPG'
H Pandeli, 'Dynamic and configurational aspects of tip and blade constrictions'
E Grabe, G de Jong & H Pandeli, 'Correlates of cross-language differences in /s/'
A Butcher, 'Phonetic correlates of contrasting stop series in Australian languages'
J Maidment, 'Is "compound stress" a fiction?'
J Local, 'On the phonetic interpretation of rhythm in a non-segmental phonology'
A Arvaniti, 'The phonetics of Greek rhythm'
M Ball, 'Non-segmental aspects of disordered speech: developments in transcription'
W Wells, 'Phonetic aspects of focus in London Jamaican'
A Cruttenden, 'Rises in English dialects'
M Sanders, 'Pitch contour preferences in short sentences'
B Williams, 'Statistical analysis of a small prosodically-segmented machine-readable speech database for English'
G Knowles, 'Converting the Spoken English Corpus into a speech database'
P Roach, 'Progress on a large-scale machine-readable speech prosody database'
A Wichmann & L Shockey, 'Discovering units in unscripted monologue'
R Ogden, '"Same" and "different" in phonetics and phonology'
J. Watson, 'Vowel production and possible neutralization in some Edinburgh children presenting with developmental phonological disorder'
J C Wells, 'Anomalous left capture of English sonorants'
K Nicolaidis, W Hardcastle & F Gibbon, 'VCV coarticulation in English and French: an EPG and acoustic study'
M Barry, 'Palatalisation and connected speech'
T Davis & E Grabe, 'Cohesion cues in the processing of connected speech'
P Warren & S Hawkins, 'The phonetic bases of spoken word recognition'
P French, 'Developments in forensic phonetics'
A Crompton, 'Computer courseware for English phonetics'
J Trim, 'Phonetics and language teaching: an attempt at revaluation'
A Gaylord, 'Murray's phonetic transcription in the OED'
M MacMahon, 'Report on the BAAP archives'