BAAP Colloquium 1990, 9-12 April: University of Lancaster

M G Ashby, 'Prototype categories in phonetics'
F Nolan, 'The revision of IPA vowel description'
S Barry, 'Temporal cues to the voicing contrast in Russian'
H Fraser, 'Geminates in Tamil'
M Barry, 'The timing of gestures in articulatory assimilation'
N Campbell, 'Database durations'
P J Roach, 'The syllable as a recognition unit'
B Connell, 'Sound change and the structure of labial-velar stops'
W J Barry, 'Transcription versus labelling'
G Knowles, 'Tone groups and tones in a corpus text'
A Wichmann, 'Degrees of finality: a study of falls in the Lancaster/IBM Spoken English Corpus'
A T C Fox, 'Some thoughts on intonational typology'
N Woods, 'The influence of social context on intonation'
E Douglas-Cowie, 'Intonation in Belfast and its social correlates'
J Rahilly, 'Intonation in deafened speech: the nucleus'
B Pickering, 'Auditory normalization and the synthesis of female speech'
L van Buuren, 'Towards a grammar of Spoken English'
R E W Thelwall, 'Is there an Arabic RP?'
J W Lewis, 'The Longman Pronunciation Dictionary'
G Docherty & H Fraser, 'Some comments on acoustic and EPG representations of speech'
H Pandeli, 'Articulatory parameters for fricatives: electropalatographic evidence'
L Shockey, 'EPG of conversational English'
A Trudgeon, 'The IBM SpeechViewer system'
R Beresford, 'Some aspects of imaging pathological conditions of the vocal folds'
Demonstration: The IBM SpeechViewer (A Trudgeon)