BAAP Colloquium 1988, 27-31 March, Trinity College, Dublin

E Fischer-Jørgensen, 'English influences on Danish phonetics'
A R Butcher, 'Looking for icebergs in EPG data'
M Barry, 'Assimilation in Russian and English'
S Wright & P Kerswill, 'On the perception of connected speech processes'
C O'Dochartaigh, 'A lenition feature in Irish dialect data'
Discussion: Connected speech processes: strategies for research
M Murchu, 'Aspects of quantity of syllable nuclei in a variety of Scots Gaelic'
J Local, 'Gemination and long consonants in Malayalam'
H Javkin, B Hansom & H Wakita, 'Source effects on the perception of synthetic vowels'
D Howard, 'Dynamic voice source for speech synthesis'
A Ni Chasaide & C Gobl, 'Voicing contrasts and the voice source'
Discussion: Measuring voice source parameters
I Watson, 'Child acquisition of the voicing contrast'
M Ball, 'Voicing in Welsh fricatives'
G Docherty, 'The timing of voicing: a problem for descriptive phonetics?'
Discussion: Problems in the description and transcription of voicing and phonation types
J C Wells, 'Syllabification for allophony in English'
K Hayward & G Lindsey, 'The stop consonants of Tonga: a laryngographic study'
J K F Anthony, 'Cleft palate measurement and subjective judgement of nasality'
A Dew, 'Phonetic factors in designing a clinical visual feedback system'
N Waterson, 'Why not a skeleton word pattern as a unit of speech perception?'
J Harrington, 'Word boundary identification in speaker recognition'
B Williams, 'Transcribing the intonation of a corpus of formal British English speech'
G Knowles, 'Intonation by rule: a corpus based approach'
A Wichmann, 'Stylistic variation in English intonation'
J Maidment, 'Focus and tone in English intonation'
W H G Wells, 'Comparative accentual systems and the rise of Brounhills (West Midlands)'
K Morton, 'Pragmatic phonetics'
R Ladd & B Connell, 'Aspects of pitch phonology in Yoruba'
R A W Bladon, 'Tone loans: a Banaon example'
M G Di Benedetto, 'The influence of pre- and post-vocalic consonants on the formant patterns in CVC syllables'
B Pickering, 'Formant assymetries in CVC syllables'
J W Lewis, 'The vowel pictorialization controversy'
P Ashby, 'The intonation of spelling aloud: a rule-base for General British English'