BAAP Colloquium 1986, 15-18 April: University of Oxford

R A W Bladon, 'If the vocal tract is a doughnut, then vowel space is a piece of cake'
W J Hardcastle & W J Barry, 'Some articulatory and perceptual factors in [l] vocalization: an electropalatographic study'
S Hawkins & P S Beddor, 'Formant frequencies, spectral shape, and perceived vowel height'
A Ni Chasaide, 'Perception of preaspirated stops'
R A W Bladon, C J Clark & K Mickey, 'Production and perception of "whistly" fricatives'
K Kohler, 'Prosodic effects on lenis/fortis perception: preplosive F0 and LPC synthesis'
M A Huckvale & J C Wells, 'Polylectal synthesis'
W J Barry, 'Syntagmatic comparison of vowels as a basis for dialect identification in ASR'
C Johns-Lewis, 'Prosodic variation in narrative discourse'
L van Buuren, 'Some analysis by ear of an unusual English text' [Includes discussion of auditory analysis/ear training]
S Ramsaran, 'How soon is "Repetition" in intonation?'
F Nolan, 'The implications of partial assimilation and incomplete neutralization'
E Fischer-Jørgensen, 'The Danish "stød"'
J R Baldwin, '"-iyor": a problem of Turkish phonology'
E C Fudge, 'Teaching programs in acoustic and articulatory phonetics'
J W Lewis, 'Selected topics of the mf'
C G Henton, 'The IPA Chart: mugwumps, holes and therapeutic suggestions'
M K C MacMahon, 'The IPA: the first 100 years'
Discussion: 'The future of the IPA' (P Ladefoged)