BAAP Colloquium 1984, 26-28 March: University of Edinburgh

J C Wells, 'Rule interaction in English surface phonology'
M Shirt, 'Auditory speaker recognition: Phoneticians v the Rest: a report'
A T C Fox, 'Ambiguity in intonation'
K Kohler, 'Playing with intonation'
F Nolan, 'Teaching intonation analysis: theoretical considerations'
L van Buuren, 'Cardinal Pitches'
M Sumera, 'Rules for syllable quantity in three-syllable feet in English'
E Carney, 'Zipf undone? Phonetic 'effort' in the lexicon'
J D M H Laver, 'The speech interface between man & machine'
G Knowles, 'Automatic phonetic transcription'
M K C MacMahon, 'The BAAP Archives - a report'
W J Hardcastle & C Clark, 'Patterns of voicing in English stops'
J A W Higgs & L Barnett, 'The /r/ forms of Edinburgh kids - reflections of changing social allegiances'
J Mackenzie, J D M H Laver & S Hiller, 'Multilayer structure of the vocal fold and phonatory disorders'
R E W Thelwall, 'Arabic emphatics and orthographic representation of diphthongs'
K Ahmad & A R Butcher, 'An acoustic and aerodynamic study of pharyngeal consonants in Iraqi Arabic'