BAAP Colloquium 1982, 30 March-1 April: University of York

J D M H Laver, 'Vocal profiles of speech in Down's Syndrome'
S Ramsaran, 'Stylistic variation in RP'
J C Wells, '[bæθ ~ bɑ:θ] [klɒθ ~ klɔ:θ] and kindred issues'
J W Lewis, 'Some thoughts on English intonation'
J Kelly & J Local, 'Interpreting rhyme and assonance in English phonology'
A R Butcher, 'Aspects of some final consonant clusters in English'
A J Baird, 'Sound change in the South-West'
F Nolan, 'The nature of phonetic representations'
R A W Bladon, 'F2 prime: a critical report'
R Beresford, 'Some observations on alaryngeal speech'
J K F Anthony, 'A UK survey of subjective judgements of nasality'
C Scully, 'Steps towards an articulatory description of [ ]'