BAAP Colloquium 1978, 25-27 September: University of Reading

C Dochartaigh & A Ni Chasaide, 'Some durational aspects of preaspiration'
A R Butcher, 'Coarticulation in German plosives and fricatives'
R A W Bladon & G Fant, 'Two-formant models of vowel perception and the Cardinal Vowels'
M K C MacMahon, 'British phonetics in the 1880's: the work of James Lecky'
J W Lewis, 'Some problems in the description of English'
A J Baird, 'Manx orthography and 18th century English pronunciation'
C Scully, 'Computer modelling of articulator dynamics'
J K F Anthony, 'Cleft-palate problems'
E Carney, 'Functional load and simple arithmetic'
R K Sprigg & J Carnochan, 'Phonation types and spectrography'
J D M H Laver, 'The neuromuscular representation of speech'
J C Wells, 'A typology of English accents'
L van Buuren, 'Phonation types: some examples for discussion'
J Esling, 'Phoneticians' judgements of voice quality'
Reports: IPA revisions, Voiceprints
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