BAAP Colloquium 1976, 20-22 September: University of Cambridge

J L M Trim, 'Phonetics at Cambridge'
D B Fry, 'Right ears and left brains'
P A D MacCarthy, 'A new technique for ear training in the classroom'
J M Y Simpson, 'Potentiality in a Scottish accent of English'
G Knowles, 'Scouse intonation'
R A W Bladon & F Nolan, 'A video-fluorographic investigation of tip and blade alveolars in English'
M K C MacMahon, 'Arthur through the looking-glass: a demonstration of direct photography and lateral cine-radiography with image-intensification using split-screen technique'
J L M Trim, 'The use of closed-circuit television in the teaching of articulatory phonetics'
E E Fudge, 'Phonotactics and the syllable'
L van Buuren, 'Syllabic consonants (in RP)'
A J Baird, '"Quantitative" verse in English'
Discussion: the present status of RP (P A D MacCarthy, D Abercrombie, J W Lewis)
J K F Anthony, 'Fibreoptic laryngoscopy'
J Esling, 'Laryngograph waveform and voice quality'
W J Hardcastle, 'Computer processing of electropalatographic and other articulatory data'
M K C MacMahon, 'Henry Sweet and Glasgow'
Visit to Speech Research Group, Electrical Division, University Engineering Laboratories
Visit to MRC Applied Psychology Research Unit (J Morton)