BAAP Colloquium 1974, 26-28 March: University of Edinburgh

A J Fourcin, 'Pertinent features'
A Cruttenden, 'An experiment on the acquisition of intonation'
D B Fry, 'An auditory theory of speech production'
E Abberton, 'Identification of speakers by listeners using fundamental frequency information'
R E W Thelwall, 'Problems in the phonetic specification of glottalization'
R B Stewart, 'Lip-reading'
E L Tibbitts, 'Intonation exponents in English: three cases of the "given"'
C Scully, 'Transitions of the vocal tract and the avoidance of unwanted segments: a synthesis study'
J K F Anthony, 'Breathing and speaking'
Reports: E Abberton - The Voiscope
J Carnochan - Frokjaer-Jensen Photo-Electric Glottograph
P A D MacCarthy - 8th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences
R E W Thelwall - Phonetic golfballs