BAAP Colloquium 1973, 3-5 April: University College of North Wales, Bangor

P Grunwell, 'The phonological analysis of articulation disorders: system or substitution?'
A J Baird, 'Vowel and consonant duration in falling nuclei'
E L Tibbitts, 'The prosodics of impatience of three sentences'
C H Thomas, 'Phonological aspects of some Welsh dialects of South-East Wales'
R K Sprigg, 'The lexical item as a phonetic entity'
J D M H Laver, 'The semiotic basis of voice-quality labels'
A T C Fox, 'Writing, spelling and phonological representation'
L van Buuren, 'On syllabification in English'
Discussion: P Ladefoged's Preliminaries to Linguistic Phonetics (D Abercrombie)
Reports: J C Wells - Proposed changes to the IPA's alphabet
W R B Annan - Catalogue of films relevant to phonetics
P A D MacCarthy - Phonetic typewriters
P A D MacCarthy - Recording of the Cardinal Vowels