BAAP is the professional organisation for phoneticians in the British Isles. Its members are involved in research in phonetics, in teaching phonetics in higher education, and in the application of phonetic knowledge in areas such as speech and language therapy, speech technology and forensic science.

The Association holds a regular Colloquium, currently every two years. This provides an opportunity for members and invited participants to meet, present their research, and discuss issues of concern to the academic community. A Business Meeting of the Association is held at each Colloquium. The Colloquium is organised at a different institution each time, with a phonetician from that institution acting as convenor.

To represent its interests, coordinate its activities, and provide continuity, BAAP has a President (currently Jim Scobbie), a Secretary (Bronwen Evans), and an Archivist (Michael Ashby).

Mike MacMahon has been elected a Fellow of BAAP in recognition of his outstanding service as Secretary/Archivist over many years.